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Kiwa Cermet Italia S.p.A.


Via (Rue) Cadriano 23, 40057 Granarolo dell’Emilia, Bologna (BO), Italie

Leneindre Jean-Luc
Sales Account, Business Sector Medical Devices
+39 331 67 31 613


Tél : +39 051 45 93 111

Fax : +39 051 76 33 82

Kiwa Services for Medical Devices

The theme of product safety is now a priority gained for each manufacturer, as well as the importance of the knowledge of laws and regulations, to ensure the ultimate purpose: the “preventive safeguard” of users.
Kiwa Cermet Italia boasts a wide and in-depth experience from over 15 years in Medical Devices certification, with thousands of products already certified, providing all the necessary services to get complete answers and reliable information on medical devices certification services.
Thanks to Kiwa Cermet Italia expertise, Medical Companies can demonstrate effective compliance with requirements related to the products, in both mandatory and voluntary certification.

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